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Chiara Bailey
14 December 2018 | Chiara Bailey

Our Summer Guide to the Margaret River

Summer Guide to Margaret River

Summer is an action-packed time in the Margaret River. There are outdoor events galore and it is the perfect time to hit the beach. Follow our guide to the best things to do in the region.  Continue »

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Nathan Bailey
1 December 2018 | Nathan Bailey

Speaking my Language


It can be hard to describe wine. What words should I use? What if I get it wrong? Follow our tips and you'll be talking like a wine pro in no time.  Continue »

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Nathan Bailey
17 November 2018 | Nathan Bailey

Keeping Busy in the Vineyard


A vineyard requires a lot of hard work, which is why you can often find us out among vines. But the hard work is all worth it when top-quality fruit arrives in the winery.

  Continue »

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Recipes - Brown Hill
3 November 2018 | Recipes - Brown Hill

Lamb & Walnut Tagine


Enjoy our Lamb & Walnut Tagine recipe inspired by Alastair Hendy. This dish is perfect for the cooler months and to be enjoyed with Brown Hill's Ivanhoe Cabernet Sauvignon.

  Continue »

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Chiara Bailey
12 October 2018 | Chiara Bailey

Spring Produce


Spring has sprung. Right now is the perfect time enjoy the Margaret River with sunny skies by day and a crackling fire in the evening.

  Continue »

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Chiara Bailey
28 September 2018 | Chiara Bailey

Best Surfing Spots in Margaret River

Margaret River Surfing Spots

Here’s our guide to some of the best surf breaks and beaches found in the Margaret River Region.  Continue »

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Chiara Bailey
18 September 2018 | Chiara Bailey

Discover The Insider Secrets About Margaret River

Discover The Insider Secrets About Margaret River

It’s no secret that Margaret River is considered one of the world’s great wine-producing regions, a popular tourist destination and it’s also the home of some of Australia’s best Cabernet Sauvignon. In our latest feature we unearth some of the more fascinating facts and secrets about the area’s history, viticulture and a selection of destination hot spots to add to your itinerary for your next trip. We hope you enjoy learning more about our beautiful pocket of Australia!  Continue »

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Nathan Bailey
6 September 2018 | Nathan Bailey

Glassware Made Clear


Did you know most of the world’s popular wine varieties can be enjoyed in their own explicitly designed wine glass? Here, we explore how to select the best glass for your precious wine.

  Continue »

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Recipes - Brown Hill
25 August 2018 | Recipes - Brown Hill

Festive Prawn Pasta


This effortless Festive Prawn Pasta recipe is a Brown Hill favourite, perfect for when you are on the go and is well suited to children.

  Continue »

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Recipes - Brown Hill
4 August 2018 | Recipes - Brown Hill

Moroccan chicken with preserved lemon and olives


Try our Moroccan Chicken recipe with preserved lemon and olives. This tasty meal is quick and easy to make and a perfect match to our Hannans Cabernet.

  Continue »

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