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Nathan Bailey
16 June 2021 | Nathan Bailey

Things to do in Margaret River in Winter


Margaret River’s temperature may have dropped but don’t let that get your winter enthusiasm down – there’s still plenty to do in the cooler months. Obviously Brown Hill’s cellar door is the perfect winter playtime pursuit, but there are also so many fun activities to keep you and the family busy. Here are Brown Hill’s top tips for winter fun in Margaret River.

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Nathan Bailey
6 May 2021 | Nathan Bailey

Most Instagrammable Places and Photographic Hotspots in Margaret River

Margaret River is one of Western Australia’s premier tourism destinations and with world-class wineries, surf breaks and incredible natural scenery at every turn, it’s also one of the most stunning places to visit on the West Coast, if not in Australia.  Continue »

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Nathan Bailey
1 November 2020 | Nathan Bailey

A Golden Tale - 25 Years in the Making


The Brown Hill tale is steeped in stories of the land, hard work and perseverance, maybe with a little luck thrown in for good measure. Our connections to the local mining community in Kalgoorlie lie at the heart of our wine story.

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Nathan Bailey
26 August 2020 | Nathan Bailey

Magnificent Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon

Majestic Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon

When you think of the great Cabernet regions of the world, Margaret River is top of mind as being world class. At Brown Hill we produce a range of award winning Cabernet wines.  Continue »

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Nathan Bailey
6 May 2020 | Nathan Bailey

Vintage 2020 Overview


Our assistant winemaker shares his overview of vintage 2020 in our beautiful Margaret River home.

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Nathan Bailey
28 May 2019 | Nathan Bailey

Essential Wine Paraphanelia


These days, there are countless wine accessories on the market so we’ve compiled a list of the essential wine paraphernalia to help enhance your wine enjoyment.

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Nathan Bailey
1 December 2018 | Nathan Bailey

Speaking my Language


It can be hard to describe wine. What words should I use? What if I get it wrong? Follow our tips and you'll be talking like a wine pro in no time.

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Nathan Bailey
17 November 2018 | Nathan Bailey

Keeping Busy in the Vineyard


A vineyard requires a lot of hard work, which is why you can often find us out among vines. But the hard work is all worth it when top-quality fruit arrives in the winery.

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Nathan Bailey
6 September 2018 | Nathan Bailey

Glassware Made Clear


Did you know most of the world’s popular wine varieties can be enjoyed in their own explicitly designed wine glass? Here, we explore how to select the best glass for your precious wine.

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