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Chiara Bailey
19 September 2019 | Chiara Bailey

How to match your cheese and wine


Cheese and wine parties may well have been consigned to the 1970s history books, but there is much to be said for this convivial combination. Who can resist a lavish platter of beautifully crafted cheeses, whether at the end of a celebratory meal, as an appetiser, or just as an excuse to open a bottle of wine and enjoy with friends? Here’s a brief overview of which styles of cheese and wine work best together and why.  Continue »

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Recipes - Brown Hill
26 August 2019 | Recipes - Brown Hill

Gluten Free Corn Fritters


Need to cater for a gluten intolerance? Try these easy, fresh corn fritters.  Continue »

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Chiara Bailey
23 July 2019 | Chiara Bailey

Rainy Day Activities in Margaret River


While the beautiful beaches and gorgeous summer weather are certainly key attractions of our corner of Western Australia, you’ll find plenty to explore during the cooler months or on a rainy day in the Margaret River region.. There’s one of our favourite ways to stay cosy on a cool afternoon – a tasting experience at our Brown Hill Estate Cellar Door.  Continue »

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Chiara Bailey
17 July 2019 | Chiara Bailey

The intriguing tale of how Brown Hill wines got their name


Many people ask how Brown Hill got its name, and the story behind our wine labels. It’s a tale that begins in Kalgoorlie, of all places, some 830km east of Margaret River, in WA’s Goldfields-Esperance region – and not exactly known for its grape growing! The seed behind Brown Hill wines started from family roots deeply planted in the Goldfields, which now flourish in our vineyard in Margaret River.  Continue »

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Recipes - Brown Hill
23 June 2019 | Recipes - Brown Hill

Trio of Game Sausages


Enjoy our Trio of Game Sausages recipe with a glass of Brown Hill's Ivanhoe Cabernet Sauvignon - the perfect meal for a light lunch or dinner.  Continue »

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Recipes - Brown Hill
8 June 2019 | Recipes - Brown Hill

Rich & Spicy Fruitcake


Try our Rich & Spicy Fruitcake recipe – a tasty and special dessert that can be enjoyed with friends or family as an afternoon or late night treat.  Continue »

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Chiara Bailey
5 June 2019 | Chiara Bailey

Best places to stop when travelling from Perth to Margaret River

Places to Stop Perth to Margaret River

A weekend escape to the Margaret River wine region is an easy three-hour drive from Perth. And whilst there’s lots to see and do when you arrive in our beautiful part of South Western Australia, equally there’s some spectacular scenery to absorb along the way with quaint attractions to explore and breathtaking coastal scenery. It’s worth taking a few days to experience and explore our beautiful region. Don’t forget that we’ll have a welcoming glass waiting for you at Brown Hill Estate when you arrive.  Continue »

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Recipes - Brown Hill
4 June 2019 | Recipes - Brown Hill

Gwen’s Pasty Pie


This is one of our family favourites – Nathan loved this as a child and our kids love it now. A delicious mix of vegetables and mince in a buttery flaky pastry pie. Perfect for the cooler nights or a warming lunch when family and friends are around.  Continue »

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Recipes - Brown Hill
29 May 2019 | Recipes - Brown Hill

Beef, Mushroom and Red Wine Pie


As the summer turns to autumn and cooler nights set in, gather friends and family for this comforting and warming treat.  Continue »

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Nathan Bailey
28 May 2019 | Nathan Bailey

Essential Wine Paraphanelia


These days, there are countless wine accessories on the market so we’ve compiled a list of the essential wine paraphernalia to help enhance your wine enjoyment.  Continue »

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