Harvest 2016

What a great harvest we've had.

The grapes are all picked and the wines put to bed in their barrels. Looking back, it was another great vintage season for us at Brown Hill Estate. Of course, this is clearer now throught the lense of nostalgia and as we taste the young wines than it was at the time. 

While plentiful winter rains in 2015 prepared the vineyard well for summer, these rains continued into January and February. This meant a very hands on summer of hard work and vigilance to our grapes in the pristine condition that we demand of them. That said, at Brown Hill we do some things the slow way which further guarantees that we only use fruit of the highest. All of our grapes are hand picked so that any bunch that just doesnt make the cut never makes it from the vineyard to the winery. Once the grapes do make it there, they are destemmed and passed over our sorting table and under the watchful eyes of our staff who then remove any berry that doesn't meet the Brown Hill Estate standard. 

Photogallery rendered here.